Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Visual Metaphors

Target: European Nations
Source: A bull
Ground: The shape similarities.
Tension: One is an animal and the other is a geographical form.
Target:  The Statue of Liberty
Source: A fuel gauge
Ground: The crowns spikes and the tick marks of a fuel meter
Tension: One stands for liberty and the other is nearing empty.
Target: A vulture
Source: A suitcase with stickers
Ground: The black color and orange color of the other suitcases
Tension: A vulture isn't something you pack clothes in, silly.

Target: Pac-Man!
Source: Hieroglyphics
Ground: The lines in the and shape of Pac-Man
Tension: The two images don't match exactly, the Pac-Man graphics are bolder.
Target: A swim floaty
Source: A fat persons belly
Ground: The shape of both
Tension: One's a fat ass and the other probably has a gym membership.
Target: A building
Source: Spider webs
Ground: The spider webs create the building
Tension: One is light and built by an animal the other is large, probably stone, and built by man.
Target: The island
Source: A Whale
Ground: The trees of the island inform the rest of the whale image.
Tension: One is a large aquatic mammal and one is a stationary geographic form.
Fusion + Replacement?
Target: Human arm + hand
Source: A Tree
Ground: The branches create the hand
Tension: Nature and Humans?
Target: A rope ladder
Source: A storm
Ground: The wavy movement of a rope ladder and the unpredictability of lightening
Tension: You climb ladders and stay out of high places during a lightening storm so you don't die.
Target: A shark
Source: A fire caused by oil drilling
Ground: The shape of the flames and the dorsal fin of a shark.
Tension: One is an animal and the other is cause by mis-management of oil production.

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