Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blue Paintings

Leaf. Rock. Floor. Hand. Another Leaf. Brick. Dirt. Jeans. Fuzzy.

Your Mother. Shirt. Shit. Shirt.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Persian Miniture Paintings

I found the Persian Miniature Paintings the most intriguing out of the categories listed. The examples presented display the uniqueness of this particular style. It was interesting how the style would sometimes find itself continuing outside of the predetermained border in order to fully dipict the story it was telling. I also felt that the patterns constructed in the images were very unusual. It seemed that the artist would allow himself freedom only with the designs but when attempting people he was under a strict plan.

In the end I choose the piece below mostly because it included goats and goats are badass. The man also has a pretty epic beard.

I got my images from Oreintal Miniatures, Persian, Indian, Turkish by William Lillys, Robert Reiff, and Emel Esin. And from the book Persian Miniature Painting  by Laurence Binyon, J.V.S. Wilkinson, and Basil Gray. Yap.