Sunday, February 13, 2011

Extra Credit Illustrator: Edgar McHerly



I enjoy his comics more than his illustrations. They are way more creative I believe.  In my pursuit of knowledge I emailed Edgar and asked him a few questions. The return email is as following:

yeah, man, I imagine google doesn't have much info, I only barely exist.
Anyow, I've answered the questions now though and I hope it helps!

-Where are you from and where are you now?
I am from Pennsylvania in the USA. I'm still here now.

-What is your history in art? Was it one of those things where you were
handed a crayon as a child and your destiny was set? Or perhaps you went
to an art institution and had a formal education, could you tell me how
your history in artistic endeavors has helped your creative process today?
I've enjoyed drawing since I was pretty young. I don't have any formal
art training, I didn't go to college for it or anything. I'm not really
very much naturally gifted at drawing even. I like making things. I'd
just as happily make music instead of visual stuff, but I'm even worse at
that. I enjoy sculpting.

-What influences you?
Other people's art and music. happiness and sadness and frustration, lots
of frustration, and other emotions. Humanity, people, the experience of
being human.

-What is your favorite music to listen to whilst making art?
It changes. Sometimes I like to listen to no music. Lately, I've been
listening to Joanna Newsom most. Right now I'm listening to this:

-Who is one of your favorite artists and why so?
I don't know a whole lot about art and artists. I bought a small book
with works by Alphonse Mucha from the bargain bin at a book store. I have
one of Egon Schiele's stuff, too, from the same place. I like Brian
Chippendale's visual art. I'm not sure who is my favorite, though. Maybe
Egon Schiele. oh, Rafael Sica is cool, too.

-What is your creative process? I see you have a lot of watercolor in your
works, and the speech in your comics seems hand written but I  was curious
if digital media also comes into play, and how deeply that goes.
I get a lot of ideas from sketching, but I don't sketch enough. Most of
the finished stuff you can find that I've made has started from
sketching. Sometimes I spontaneously think of ideas, sometimes I actively
think of things, running through ideas in my mind. I work with
traditional media, I prefer it, but pretty close to everything on was made with at least a little bit of
photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is the only program I know how to use, and
really just barely. It's not real photoshop that I use, it's an old
version of photoshop elements. anyhow, some of the comics are about 95%
traditional, such as the Unhappy Elephant, and others, like Another
Morning, that one is close to 95% digital. Most of them are a pretty even
mix of digital and traditional. The traditional media I use most are
watercolor and gouache, but I also use markers, ink, pen and pencil,
acrylics and oil paints too. I mostly use whatever is at hand.

-If you had to fight a half-bear half-boat monster and could only choose
one weapon out of a sponge and a pack of wolves, how would you defeat your
new enemy?
hah, man, I dunno. I'd hope to run away I think. I think there are two
recorded cases of people killing bears with their bare hands, i don't
even know how many have killed boat bears with their hands. Anyhow, I
dunno if I could do it, kill a bear or a boat even, I'm not very big or

-Is being an artist your only job or do you have another career?
right now art stuff is my only job. Sometimes I do odd jobs, the other
day I installed security cameras for a guy at his business. but mostly
art stuff. I don't make much money at all.

okay! I hope college is going well for you! If you have any illustrations
or art or anything you'd like to share, please feel free to send it, I'd
like to look at it for sure!

I hope you are well!

Edgar R. McHerly